Token Tube Collector 36mm (Small, Desktop)

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Introducing our 36mm Small Desktop Tube Unit, a versatile solution akin to our 28mm, 54mm, and 94mm tube units. This unit features 36mm diameter removable tubes and offers the flexibility of countertop or wall-mounted placement. Tailored to accommodate 35mm tokens, it’s a preferred choice for tracking house points in schools. Whether opting for smaller collectors or larger floor-standing units, our tube unit range caters to diverse needs. The clear acrylic card holder allows for interchangeable headers, lending a personalised touch to your collection system. Elevate your collection system with our 36mm Small Desktop Tube Unit, boasting versatility, customisation, and a host of features to suit your requirements, be it in classrooms or school-wide.

Key Features:

  • Variety of Tube Units: Explore a range of tube unit sizes to match your specific requirements.
  • Token Compatibility: Suitable for holding 35mm tokens or smaller, providing flexibility in your reward system.
  • Flexible Placement: Designed for both desktop and wall attachment, offering adaptable placement options.
  • Customisable Header: The clear acrylic card holder supports interchangeable headers, allowing for personalised branding.
  • Ideal for Schools: Popularly used in educational institutions, particularly for house point tracking.
  • School Size: Small to medium-sized classrooms or individual classroom activities. Up to 30 students per unit.
  • Height and Dimensions: With an overall height of 360mm, which includes the header and base, individual tube height is approximately 250mm.

35mm Eco Tokens will not fit in this product. 29mm Tokens would be required. Please enquire.

Product Dimensions

2 Tube Unit (H:360mm x W:108mm x D:70mm)
3 Tube Unit (H:360mm x W:162mm x D:70mm)
4 Tube Unit (H:360mm x W:216mm x D:70mm)
5 Tube Unit (H:360mm x W:270mm x D:70mm)
6 Tube Unit (H:360mm x W:324mm x D:70mm) 

Each Tube Holds:

35mm: 100 Tokens approx.


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