Eco Tokens

Our ECO-TOKENS are made from bioplastic, a starch based substance, formally considered ‘waste’ by companies that produce chips.

Biodegradable Tokens, if left in natural surroundings exposed to a combination of oxygen, rain, sunlight and bacteria, will fully biodegrade back into the soil.

Wherever events are being held in parks, fields or by rivers etc, ECO-TOKENS that have been dropped on the ground will not damage the environment. This feature which gains approval from Local Authorities and land owners!

To fulfil their role, ECO-TOKENS, muted and slightly mottled in colour, are rather more fragile than their more robust cousin, the plastic Token.

Price breaks available from 25 to 25,000 Tokens!

Free delivery to UK Mainland for all Token orders.

Token prices exclude VAT.

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Showing all 2 results