CA Grant Limited & Plastic Tokens UK is now TokensFor

As the UK’s leading plastic token manufacturer and distributor, we wanted to create a brand that encompassed our values, the extensive range of products we provide, and a brand that showcased our growth as the go-to company for plastic tokens and token supplies in the UK.

TokensFor began life as Plastic Tokens / CA Grant Limited, however with substantial growth and a wider product offering, we felt that the initial brand no longer showcased what we as a company had to offer.

This is where TokensFor came to life. As the name implies, we’re not just the leading supplier of plastic tokens and counters to businesses, we’re much more. From providing educational institutions and schools with the necessary tools to promote positive behaviour, to establishing relationships with local councils and government bodies to which we provide token counting systems for voting and ballots, we’ve come a long way from creating just plastic travel tokens in 1995.

If you’re looking for the company ‘Plastic Tokens’ or are searching for ‘CA Grant Limited’, please be aware that we now trade under TokensFor Limited, and that the quality and products you are searching for continue to flourish under our new brand. With innovative lines including biodegradable tokens and themed tokens for upcoming holidays and events, there’s never been a better time to browse what we have to offer at TokensFor.