How to reduce plastic waste when organising an event

It’s common nowadays to hand out or sell tokens to guests at festivals and other outdoor events. It’s a good way of keeping queues short, ensuring there’s enough stock and enhancing security, as the tokens have no value outside the venue. But if you’re aiming for a plastic-free festival, there’s a perfect alternative to plastic tokens at events: eco tokens.

Why integrate plastic-alternatives into your festival or event?

As people are becoming increasingly aware, the less plastic that finds its way into the environment, the better. It can take thousands of years to break down, and as it fragments, it can be ingested by animals and enter the food chain, with disastrous consequences for some species.

That’s where so-called eco tokens come in.

What are eco tokens?

Eco tokens are fully biodegradable tokens made from bioplastic, a starch-based material. You can use them again and again under normal circumstances, as long as they stay dry. But if they are left out in nature, it won’t take long for the rain, sun and soil to break them down into harmless organic material that will soak into the earth and effectively disappear. Any animals swallowing the fragments will digest them too, at least partially.

Eco tokens for eco-friendly festivals

Reducing plastic usage at events is just as important as any other green measure in everyday life. It’s the little things, when all added together, that make the big effect.

So if you’re trying your best to make your outdoor event as green as possible, having eco tokens is a great first step. You’ll get all the benefits of employing a token system at your festival, but you won’t have to worry about non-biodegradable plastic tokens being left behind.

TokensFor has a great range of eco tokens in all sorts of colours. You can have one colour for, say, food, one for a drink and another for other attractions. Customers can buy a bundle when they enter, or a fixed amount could be allocated to everyone as part of the entry fee. That way, you can ensure you’ve got enough stock of food, drink and other consumables because there’s no way the amount can be exceeded.

Let people know you’re the real deal

Using eco tokens and making it widely known that they’re biodegradable will give quite a boost to your festival’s eco brownie points alongside renewable energy generation, eco toilets and biodegradable food containers.

This is a real step towards green festivals – not just a token gesture.

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